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Simon Sheppard, 7-12 March 2020

The first and easiest prevention measure is for all public buildings, surgeries, shops and the like to keep their doors and windows open to permit a moving flow of air.


This page began as a ‘quick and dirty’ summary of what I know. I’m not a virologist, but I am qualified as a scientist. In fact I have spent the last four years working in a related field, though I’ll remain coy about that because I have already suffered from ‘crossover.’ Of course the internet is awash with conspiracy theories. I am better placed than most to distinguish conspiracy theory from conspiracy fact.

Probably the most important information below is easy prevention measures, some of which have not been mentioned elsewhere and are being overlooked by officialdom. I wish they would take heed!

There will be updates if necessary, especially if I find I am wrong on any point. I am indebted to Zerohedge regarding the likely origin of SARS-CoV-2.1

Prevention with fresh air and bleach water

The Wuhan coronavirus can infect the lungs. Just like cigarette smoke can be seen hanging in the air when sunlight shines, the virus can linger in the air (aerosol transmission). The first and easiest prevention measure is for all public buildings, surgeries, shops and the like to keep their doors and windows open to permit a moving flow of air. Face masks should be worn in enclosed spaces.

Those smoke particles are large enough to be seen. Poxviruses are among the largest viruses but even a ~250nm virus is still too small to be visible, because such small assemblies do not affect light. Hence when virus exists in quantity it looks like water.

According to various sources, chlorine at 200ppm (parts per million) inactivates 25 different viruses including SARS-CoV.2,3 A concentration of 250ppm chlorine is achieved with 1 part household bleach to 200 parts water. Very likely this was the liquid which has been seen being sprayed everywhere by teams in China and elsewhere. This and many other reports support aerosol transmission of the virus.

Bleach water can be decanted into a spray bottle for spraying the air in a room. Leaving an open basin or tray of bleach solution in a room (e.g. a waiting room) may also offer some protection.

Someone suggested using 1 part bleach per 100 parts water (500ppm chlorine).4 The ratio can be varied according to what is being disinfected, e.g. 1:200 for spraying air, 1:100 for a tray or basin. Surfaces being wiped should be left wet for 10 minutes.

A faster-acting, general disinfectant for surfaces is 80% ethanol, 5% isopropanol and 15% water.5 The virus is said to be capable of persisting outside the body for at least several days.6

Plus the usual covering your mouth when you sneeze, washing of hands etc. Especially in a ‘virus-rich’ environment, this new coronavirus can also be contracted through the eyes. This will be of most concern to health-workers.

Now is the most dangerous time

Undoubtedly, now is the most dangerous time. Institutions are slow to react and unprepared. People rationalize, engage in denial, and have natural inertia, tending to carry on as before, with ‘recency bias.’ An infected person can transmit the virus for three weeks while asymptomatic (no symptoms), and anyone infected during this first incubatory period will be among the first wave to arrive at (very likely) overwhelmed hospitals (plus people with just ordinary flu will panic). Try not to get infected. Avoid going out, and if you do, stay in fresh air and practice the other recommended hygiene habits. Gloves and other items can be sprayed with bleach solution, as above.

Considering how frighteningly contagious this virus is, and the inadequate responses from governments, you may get infected later, but by then we will have adapted to the situation to some degree and your chances will be better.

Origin of SARS-CoV-2

The origin of SARS-CoV-2 is relevant. This is not “just the flu” or even “bad flu.” There are indications that it is a super-infectious, experimental hybrid virus which has escaped from a laboratory.

The following seem beyond dispute:

The way I read the situation is this. Xiangguo Qiu (pictured below) took, or replicated, virus stock from Canada and shared those strains with Wuhan. Reading the papers coming out of Wuhan, someone saw the similarity between Canada’s virus stock and the strains under investigation in Wuhan. It was obvious that unauthorised transfers had taken place, and this led to the expulsion of Chinese academics in July 2019.

Viruses can be modified by serial passage in the presence of a particular chemical or cells. This was being done decades ago, and much advanced techniques are used now. Synthetic virology is an emerging field though at present, inserting and recombining DNA and other segments is the usual method. According to early reports, SARS-CoV-2 contains bat and snake DNA sequences and HIV structural proteins.

So one possible scenario is that SARS-CoV-2 has been engineered for presentation to a bat or other laboratory animal to investigate the immune response to it (or lack of one). Possibly banned “gain of function” processes have been employed in modifying virus but I only know enough about this to offer the suggestion. Whether deliberately or by chance, huge gain of function was achieved.

A laboratory worker was infected, possibly at the virology establishment in central Wuhan. Then he passed through the wet market 300 yards away, or sneezed, or coughed or maybe just breathed near someone on their way to it. This in my view is a likely original chain of events that has brought us to where we are now.

Biological warfare? Political aspects

In China, corporations, academic institutions and the like are regarded as a branch of government and directly subject to it. For example, their telecommunications companies are obliged by law to share their data with the government. I have no doubt that if the Chinese govt. wanted to, or is, engaged in biological warfare research, they would use whatever resources they had access to.

It is not inconceivable that SARS-CoV-2 arose as part of an experimental biological warfare programme. However, it is fantastic to imagine that the Chinese would deliberately release an agent which, on current evidence, most severely afflicts Oriental men. Whatever the case, it is a massive cock-up by the Chinese. (Incidentally, the British govt. is having them build our nuclear power stations.)

Racially targeted biological warfare research is certainly taking place; the Israelis have been active in this area for years. Notable is that a certain commercial company is trying to be all over this, which “just happens” to be Israeli. In truth, it is the Zionist ‘nationalism for us, globalism for everyone else’ agenda that has brought us to this point. The globalist chickens are coming home to roost.

It is astonishing, is it not, that while we are constantly reminded of the dangers of smoking, subject to onerous ‘Health and Safety’ regulations, obliged to produce “risk assessments” for the use of office photocopiers etc., governments are willing to expose their entire populations to a new virus of unknown pathogenicity. They are determined to keep borders open, apparently at any cost. Hence, unlike the many “scare stories” the media has been promulgating for decades, this real threat is being played down.

What should we do?

There should be an immediate cessation of travel. Public transport is a particular risk, but all movement should be suspended except for essential supplies and services. There needs to be “sterile changeovers” at boundaries. This would allow a pause, to see what develops and offer a chance of containment.

The long-term effects of the virus are unknown but there are troubling reports of relapse after apparent recovery from sickness. The bat virus families which were being studied at Wuhan have the unusual feature that they provoke no immune response in the host, with long-term, persistent infection. Other animals could be host to SARS-CoV-2.

Without urgent measures being put in place, the virus could become endemic – deeply rooted, perhaps with everyone infected except the rural hermit – causing recurrent health problems for millions of people. How bad the disease is remains unknown, but on present information, this is perfectly feasible.

This is not even the worst-case scenario. I don’t want to be alarmist but awareness might save you a lot of suffering, and maybe your life. Avoid infection while this pans out.

Note – It may not work, but should be tried: Moroxydine, a putative broad-spectrum antiviral

Plus there is Todd H. Rider’s DRACO here and here

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I hope this is not ‘Level 4’ as the above facility has obvious shortcomings

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